Repost from Frivolous Freedoms: Up-And-Coming Beauty/Fashion Blogs You Need to Follow

A great mention from Frivolous Freedoms last week! Thanks so much FF, pity you couldn’t include your own fabulous blog in the post!

Frivolous Freedoms

Because we all want to be able to say we knew them before they were famous…

***Some of these are already fairly established bloggers but it’s worth making sure you’re following them so you don’t miss anything!


  1. Urban Revival
  2. Fashioning Business
  3. Thanks Hun Penney
  4. Glammeetsgirl


  1. Seasons of Lifestyle, Fashion & Beauty
  2. Beccap Beauty
  3. Ann-Marie Carey Make Up

Any other great fashion or beauty blogs I need to go follow?


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Fresh Cuts – A Fresh Approach to Fashion

So an occurring theme throughout this blog seems to be me strolling around Dublin city and stumbling upon little gems. This can either mean two things:

  1. I can successfully waste my own time and tell myself I’m being somewhat productive (which should actually be considered a skill if you ask me).
  2. Dublin really is full of some underrated wonders (and as a Cork woman, this may be the biggest endorsement Dublin will ever receive – in my lowly humble opinion of course!)

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George’s Street Arcade – “A Scene of Simple Pleasure and Quiet”

So since moving to Dublin, George’s Street Arcade has been one of my favourite places to
visit in the city centre. I’m often found strolling between the arcade and many of the fantastic coffee shops in the area, taking in the beautiful red-brick buildings, trying very hard not to appear like a total blow-in, and failing miserably no doubt!

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An Interview with Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger Zoë Palmer

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to interview Zoë Palmer, a glam style-icon, who has recently taken the brave step to begin her own fashion and lifestyle blog, and is definitely one to watch!

Zoë’s blog is a fashion and lifestyle blog, where she showcases her fantastic unique style Continue reading “An Interview with Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger Zoë Palmer”

Chupi Event: The Beginning of a Love Affair

During the week, one of my friends in college mentioned the Chupi Event that was happening yesterday and being the lovely lady that she is, invited me to tag along. So off we set yesterday afternoon, leaving leaving behind the books and the team meetings and found ourselves in The Powerscourt Townhouse, South William Street in Dublin City. Continue reading “Chupi Event: The Beginning of a Love Affair”

Refresh your S/S Wardrobe for Less…My Top Irish Depop Accounts

Hi folks!

If you’re like me, this is the time of year when you get excited to get out of the boots and the heavy coats and into the lighter layers of Spring. As much as I getting back to my winter wardrobe every year, I feel the exact same come March or April, and am constantly virtual-window shopping my favourite sites to see how the trends of S/S are being styled and how best to bag a bargain.

One such place I spend my time is ‘Depop’. Continue reading “Refresh your S/S Wardrobe for Less…My Top Irish Depop Accounts”

The Fashion Carousel Keeps Spinning Around

When I was home a couple of weeks ago I spotted the Cork Carousel store on Oliver Plunkett Street and wanted to find out more about the Irish-owned, vintage inspired brand. I thought the concept of the brand was Continue reading “The Fashion Carousel Keeps Spinning Around”

KENZO x H&M – A Daring Collaboration

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve all recovered after the long weekend and that today isn’t too much of a struggle! The best part of a long weekend is the short week that goes with it.

Another thing that’s particularly great about this week, is the launch of the much-anticipated KENZOxH&M collection. The collection will be in stores Continue reading “KENZO x H&M – A Daring Collaboration”