Fresh Cuts – A Fresh Approach to Fashion

So an occurring theme throughout this blog seems to be me strolling around Dublin city and stumbling upon little gems. This can either mean two things:

  1. I can successfully waste my own time and tell myself I’m being somewhat productive (which should actually be considered a skill if you ask me).
  2. Dublin really is full of some underrated wonders (and as a Cork woman, this may be the biggest endorsement Dublin will ever receive – in my lowly humble opinion of course!)

download (3).pngRegardless, a few weeks back when I was strolling down South William Street with my lovely friend who brought me to the Chupi Event (Catch up on that glamour-filled post here), I spotted “Fresh Cuts” right by The Powerscourt Centre.

Of course with a head like a sieve, as well as being on Cloud 9 after the event, I forgot to pop into Fresh Cuts. But last Sunday, I was on a mission and popped in with the family in tow, giving them an insight into my very enjoyable field work for Urban Revival.

And I could not have been more impressed with Fresh Cuts. Not only was the shop really cool and rustic, but the clothing is simple, understated, and sustainable! Fresh Cuts strive for sustainable and ethical practices, as well as sourcing as much as possible in Dublin, including their printing and labels.


Despite my love for the location and decor, the store on South William Street is only a temporary home for Fresh Cuts at the minute. Wishing them every luck in not only finding a shop of their own, but in bringing sustainable and ethical practices into the mainstream of consumer consciousness.

Thanks so much for reading!

Find out more about Fresh Cuts at: 

Fresh Cuts Facebook

Fresh Cuts Twitter

Fresh Cuts Instagram

Or Shop Now on the Fresh Cuts Website


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