George’s Street Arcade – “A Scene of Simple Pleasure and Quiet”

So since moving to Dublin, George’s Street Arcade has been one of my favourite places to
visit in the city centre. I’m often found strolling between the arcade and many of the fantastic coffee shops in the area, taking in the beautiful red-brick buildings, trying very hard not to appear like a total blow-in, and failing miserably no doubt!

Regardless, I’ve mastered the negotiation around George’s Street and Drury Street, between which the arcade links the two streets. This Sunday just gone, my lovely parents came to Dublin for the afternoon, and so after a bite to eat and a catch-up we braved the elements and strolled as far as George’s Street to take in the sights and sounds of this rustic and quirky market.

When writing this post I looked up the meaning of the word arcade, and found that it stems from the word ‘Arcadia’ meaning:

“a region or scene of simple pleasure and quiet”

This description could not be more apt when describing George’s Street Arcade. Amid the hustle and bustle of Dublin, the building itself reminds one of time gone by, where cavernous markets such as George’s Street were a more integral part of daily life.

Georges Street Arcade.PNG

Today, the market is the most fantastic balance of old and new – both in terms of the infrastructure itself, as well as what’s on offer.

Bookshops sell old and new publications of well-known and well-loved books, while photos and illustrations of Dublin through the ages are envy-worthy. While quirky barber-shops and knick-knack shops capture the attention of the impulse shopper, stalls sell vintage clothing, including beautifully-adorned scarves alongside grunge-inspired jackets. All the while coffee shops and ice-cream parlors offer the exhausted shopper a place to rest their weary bones and people-watch against this bustling backdrop.

George’s Street Arcade may just be Dublin’s humble answer to Covent Garden, with all of the personality and quirks of Ireland’s capital city.


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