Top 10 Life Hacks

Monday, Monday…

And how better to start off the week than Urban Revival’s Top Ten Life Hacks? Not only will this list make your life easier, but it most definitely won’t cost the earth –  in more ways than one!

1. Natural Bleach –  Easy Peasy

  • 1 to 2 cups of lemon juice. Leave your whites soaking before washing them for super-sparkly whites just in time for summer.

2.  White Vinegar

This household staple is famous for it’s many uses!

  • One of which is as a glass cleaner – Three parts water to one part vinegar. Add essential oils like lemon or lavender for scent and away you go!
  • This particular vinegar solution is also great to cleaning grubby shower heads.
  • Another amazing use of vinegar (and a speciality of my mother dearest) is for keeping your towels fresh, soft, and fluffy: Put your towels in the washing machine, add white vinegar to the drum, add bread soda to the detergent tray. Run a hot wash (anywhere between 60-90 degrees will do, but the hotter the better), and just wait for your hotel-like towels to make an appearance – dreamy!


3. Food Jars for Storage

  • Save yourself those tortuous trips to the bottle bank and clean the labels off your empty jars in hot soapy water.
  • Add your quinoa, rice, pasta, and away you go!
  • For an extra fancy touch, invest in chalk paint. Paint a strip onto the jar, and write the name of the contents on the front. Alternatively, fancy-looking stickers (think Retro Flame) are sublime.


4. Vodka

  • This friend and foe is definitely a friend in the home.
  • Not only is it a natural disinfectant, it also works a treat on porcelain, glass, and chrome!

*Disclaimer, maybe don’t use this if you’re still fragile from the weekend!*

5. Vodka Part II

  • So as the rumour goes, vodka doesn’t smell (and the verdict is still out on this one when it comes to consuming it in copious amounts). But, for this reason, vodka can be used to get smells out of fabrics.
  • Put straight vodka into a spray bottle, spritz lightly and allow dry. Done and dusted, and good as new!


6. Drink-Can Rings

  • If you’re short on wardrobe space, start saving the rings off your empty drinks cans.
  • Hook one hanger through one loop and another hanger through the second loop of the can ring, et voila two hangers in the space of one!


7. SmellyBin – Be Gone!

  • There is absolutely nothing worse than a smelly kitchen bin – definitely one of my pet peeves!
  • How to over-come this? It’s simple, when you change your bin bag, put a sheet of old newspaper at the bottom to absorb anything that may leak into your bin. Easy!


8. Funky Fridge?

  • Ok, so maybe this and a smelly bin one are level pegging for me.
  • This hack is well-known State-side, but rarely used on this side of the pond. But by leaving a box of baking soda in your fridge ensure that no smells linger.
  • Now, I do think this is a bit of a cheat…if you have a smelly fridge, get the one of the natural cleaning solutions, as mentioned above, out and give that fridge a scrub!


9. Fuzzy Jumpers?

  • We all know that razors are great to defuzz…but did you know that you can use razors to defuzz your clothes too?
  • Get those coats and jumpers in good nick before packing them away for the winter with any cheap razor and you’ll thank yourself come Autumn!


10. Tumble Dryers & Tennis Balls.

  • Now, you may have noticed the reoccurring theme in these life hacks being cheap, cheerful and good to the environment. And as we all know, tumbler dryers are heavy on electricity.
  • However, add one or two tennis balls into your dryer to make it more efficient, as the tennis balls essentially beat the hot air through your clothing.

So there you have it, ten nifty and thrifty life hacks to get your house spic and span without spending a fortune on cleaning products.


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