Chupi Event: The Beginning of a Love Affair

During the week, one of my friends in college mentioned the Chupi Event that was happening yesterday and being the lovely lady that she is, invited me to tag along. So off we set yesterday afternoon, leaving leaving behind the books and the team meetings and found ourselves in The Powerscourt Townhouse, South William Street in Dublin City.


Chupi is an Irish-designed and handmade jewellery brand. Chupi Sweetman, after whom the brand is named, is a former Topshop designer and  founded her own jewellery brand, drawing on her love for natural beauty to inspire the line.

The event yesterday was the launch of the new Spring/Summer 2017 line, and to say I swooned is an understatement. Chupi is like no other range I’ve ever come across, it’s earthy feel and just the hint of female empowerment sets it apart.


The launch was beautifully adorned in flowers and soft Chupi colors, while candles in old wine bottles, and precious stones in bell-jars stood watch over the visitors.


After countless laps of the event, and plenty gasps of awe (the overly-dramatic ones emanating from me as the Chupi novice), we headed on our merry way for a coffee, discussing Chupi, beauty and all things girly…





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