While the Sun Shines in Dublin’s Fair City

So as promised, as part of Urban Revival’s Feature piece  on markets around Dublin, I set off exploring again this week.

After meeting my two lovely sisters for a Sunday morning coffee and catch-up in the city centre, I set off towards The Point Village by the 3Arena to my first ever car-boot’s sale. I must say I was so excited to see if what I would find would be anything like those day-time TV car-boot sales I would invariably find myself watching in BBC during my school summer holidays.

Alas, what I found was nada. Whether my intel was inaccurate or my navigation was gone awry, a car-boot’s sale I did not find. Nonetheless, it was still early in the day and I was enjoying wandering around Dublin’s Fair City, staking my claim as one of “the girls so pretty” *insert sassy girl emoji here*.

So, after taking a view minutes to take in the view of The Aviva Stadium to my right, and Croke Park to my left, I struck off again and landed in Drumcondra. In particular, I visited Drumcondra Village Market in The Art and Business Centre Drumcondra (ABC Drumcondra). The centre, which is located next to Quinn’s Pub for you Dubs, was once St. Vincent’s Home For The Deaf and is now home to a diverse range of activities, from ballet and theater, to enterprising business activities as well as graphic design and photography, and many more! The centre fosters entrepreneurialsm, creativity and community, as well as which, ABCD also hosts a courtyard market every Saturday and Sunday.

Logo and Pictures 2.JPG

The centre is built on the ethos it exudes: collaboration and growth. More importantly, the nick-nacks and tidbits to be found in the ABCD Market, as well as the other stores, including the wonderfully cosy Nelly’s Café, will make a weekend trip to this centre well worth a trip to the north side of the city.

Stay tuned for more!


One thought on “While the Sun Shines in Dublin’s Fair City

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