Refresh your S/S Wardrobe for Less…My Top Irish Depop Accounts

Hi folks!

If you’re like me, this is the time of year when you get excited to get out of the boots and the heavy coats and into the lighter layers of Spring. As much as I getting back to my winter wardrobe every year, I feel the exact same come March or April, and am constantly virtual-window shopping my favourite sites to see how the trends of S/S are being styled and how best to bag a bargain.

One such place I spend my time is ‘Depop’. Depop is a mobile shopping app. It is so easy to use, just set up your account, take photos of what you’re selling and share! Buying is, to my detriment, just as easy. You can browse anything you want, from branded goods to unique vintage items, it’s all there.

As well as searching for anything you want, you can also chat directly to sellers and view other users’ ratings of sellers. I don’t know if Depop every really captured the attention of the masses, but I think it’s a great place to get some bits and bobs, or even just some inspiration.

In-keeping  with the Urban Revival mantra, Depop is a great place to make the most of the what’s already out there to update your wardrobe with something unique, while also reducing that pesky carbon footprint!

I’ve accumulated my favourite Irish Depop accounts for you here, in no particular order. In fact, they’re so good that I found it very difficult not to splurge on every single one while compiling this quick list for Urban Revival. And while I hope you enjoy browsing these Depop shops as much as I do, I also hope I won’t be to blame for any Sunday-night impulse shopping!

I’ve left the links to each, with a snapshot of each user’s shop bio, so check them out and let me know what you think in the comments section below.


Lifestyle and fashion blogger Erika Fox is based in NYC, but (ever so kindly) leaves her fabulous Depop Shop at home in Ireland!



Fools Gold Vintage is based on Kerry and sends the most adorable, personalised playing card with each purchase.

Fool'd Gold Vintage.JPG


Grace Moore is Saoirse Ronan’s stylist. Criteria filled in my book.

Grace Moore.JPG


Nessa Hurley is a big name in Irish fashion and known for her style. Check out why on her Depop!

Nessa H 2.JPG


If you have any suggestions on other Depop Shops that you think deserve a place in this list, leave the handle and/or link for other UR readers to check out too!


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