Flea Marketing

So as you may know, I am writing this blog as part of my masters in Digital Marketing. When I started writing the blog in September, I wanted to write about the trend over the past few years, which has seen people looking towards older styles, fashions and trends for inspiration more and more.

IMG_0059.jpgMy marketing alter-ego was interested in exploring this theme through Urban Revival. Not only from a consumer behaviour point of view, but to be quite frank, as a way to clear my conscience. Over-consumption is a serious issue that we face as a society, with its negative impacts on the environment being the most tangible of its effects – and I can’t ignore the role marketing plays in this.

For this reason, I wanted to write a blog about how we can incorporate new and old materials into our consumption in a way that doesn’t require a big change in our behaviour, but would be enjoyable and fun! For this reason, I’ve decided to write a feature piece based on flea markets and vintage shops around Dublin. Now, I know not everyone reading will be based in Dublin, but I’d encourage you to do a bit of research (fancy lingo for ‘Google it’)  and find out where such treasure troves may be in your area!

I promise you, finding these shops and markets is so satisfying, as is trawling through the rails and stalls and finding some lost gem and giving it a new lease of life.

In the coming weeks, I hope to report back to you about a variety of such places and the range of goodies to be found. No doubt I won’t be able to resist, and will end up purchasing left, right and centre (Exhibit A: the below photo) – but one can’t feel too guilty when it’s all apart of a full-circle of consumption, where repurchasing is the equivalent of recycling.

download (1).png

Exhibit A of my lack of willpower and weakness for all things ‘Gorge Granny’esque


Last weekend, myself and my best friend went exploring Dublin and headed to the Ha’Penny Vintage & Craft Market at The Grand Social, which is on every Saturday from 12pm until 6pm. The great thing about this market, is that it is indoors, which was wonderful at the beginning of February! The market has a lovely range of items for sale, from clothes to jewellery to knick-knacks. Exactly what a Saturday afternoon’s perusing calls for! And after you find some gorgeous tid-bits, The Grand Social provides a fantastic opportunity to grab a hot-toddy and warm up after a shopping expedition well spent, where you can practically pat yourself on the back for being an eco-warrior consumer, without the effort!

Stay tuned for more feature-piece posts!


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